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Our Team and Mission

Our First Session at St. Stephens Grace ministries

Our Mission

A statement from our founders

STEM to Inspire is an organization that started with the aspirations of providing all students with equal opportunities to immerse themselves in the STEM field. We believe that all students should be able to explore STEM principles and have equal chances of pursuing the STEM field. We aim to provide educational experiences for students in underprivileged areas and Title X schools. We aim to provide an environment where all students have the opportunity to explore and find their passion in the STEM field. If you have any inquisitions or questions please contact us at or click the button below to fill out a contact form.

Our Team

Heather Belfort

Co-founder and CEO

Hannah Lee

Co-founder and CEO

Katherine Napolitano

Chief Operations Officer

Ian Concannon

Director of finance and website Manager

Lidya Demilew

Director of Outreach and workshops

Nardos Demilew

Director of Outreach and workshops

Soliana Kasa

Director of Media and Workshops

Laura Lam

Director of Media and Workshops

Sophie Willis

Director of Outreach and workshops

What we teach

STEM to Inspire strives to teach a variety of concepts ranging from Newton’s laws of motion to the unique characteristics of cells. Many of the concepts we teach are demonstrated through hands-on experiments and activities performed at our after-school sessions. For more information about the experiments and activities we perform and the concepts they align with click the button below.

COIVD-19 Update: Because of COVID-19 we have added video lessons that can be re-created from home. Please click the button below if you wish yo access these videos

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