STEM to Inspire

STEM To Inspire

Inspiring the Future of STEM


Hands-on Activities

We believe the best way to engage children in STEM related activities is by creating fun hands-on activities.


STEM Concepts

So far, STEM to Inspire has taught concepts in the fields of computer science, biology, and physics through hands-on activities.


Community Reinvestment

All fundraising collections are invested in learning materials for future activities within the Northern Virginia area.

One Year Anniversary

Thank you all for one year

To our community,

Thank you all for supporting us in our first year! None of this would have been possible without your constant support. Whether it was a donation, a recommendation, or an attendance to our sessions, all of your contributions had an immeasureable impact on our success during the first year. Thank you for making our first, but definitely not last, year a blast! We can’t wait to get back!


STEM to Inspire

Play Video

In honor of STEM to Inspire’s one year anniversary, the founding members came together to compose a video reflecting their time. Join our original team in recounting some of their favorite memories this past year.

We have been so grateful to work with you since our aspiring nonprofit began, and we can’t wait to continue our work in not only Burke, but also across the United States.

Our Partnership with Poetry Pals

Poetry Pals is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the mental health of hospital patients. Our goal is to ensure patients a speedy recovery as a result of not only the physical medical treatment that the hospital offers, but also the mental support we give through communication. Officially established in Regional Medical Center in San Jose, CA, our founders Renee and Jason really liked poetry and wanted to use this art to bring hospital patients joy. Because Renee was already a hospital volunteer, she knew the ins and outs of hospital procedure and onboarding, allowing the nonprofit to succeed. We want to work with STEM to Inspire because, as high school students, we highly value education, and want to provide intellectual stimulation to children who may not be getting enough of it — children undergoing serious medical treatment.

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