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Covid-19 update

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we will not be hosting any more in-person events until further notice. STEM to inspire advises everyone to participate in social distancing to diminish the spread and to refrain from using any incorrect terminology when addressing Covid-19. We are very saddened that we cannot continue our planned workshops during this time. Because of this, we have decided to make our experiments available via our YouTube Channel. Click below to browse through the variety of fun at-home experiments! We hope to continue our educational sessions after the crisis has been adverted. Stay safe!

March 2020 - Burke Chapter

Bailey's Upper Elementary School Workshops

Our second workshop series was at Bailey’s Upper Elementary School. Although we had to halt the sessions early because of COVID-19, the kids enjoyed creating balloon cars and learning about the engineering of making a car

October-November 2019 - Burke Chapter

Mount Eagle Elementary School Workshops

STEM to Inspire’s first workshop began at Mount Eagle elementary school. We did projects including catapults, oil spills, and even ice cream. We were truly able to grow as a team and continue growing as we travel to other schools.

August-September 2019 - Burke Chapter

Exxon Mobile Fundraisers

Our first fundraising venture started with two local car washes. We were happy to earn enough money to provide supplies for our upcoming workshops.

May 2019 - Burke Chapter

Saint Stephens Grace Ministries

STEM to Inspire began with a small table and a few easy STEM projects at a program called Grace Ministries. Grace Ministries provides food for the impoverished and we hosted two sessions there.

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